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Hey kids sorry we haven't updated in a while!!

It's been a while since we've updated, sorry people but we're busy lasses. Not goin to make any changes right now, cause to be honest we cant be arsed, but i have changed the hot man of the week to a personal favourite ;) enjoy. The brothel will be back up and running smoothly ASAP, bigger and better than ever before when our new site is completed. It's in the making and its purty so watch this space!



This is Alex and Toli's Online Brothel. The beginnings of what will one day be the world's biggest male brothel enterprise. We will be the female Hugh Heffners, cept our men will be real. Although this is all in the future, we have to start somewhere and thats here, our Online Brothel. Everywhere we go we shall take with us our trusty man cam, ready take photos of any brothel worthy hot man we happen to come across. These men together with our favourite famous hot men will be working together to make the staff of the greatest online brothel yet.

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This week's new additions are:

New picture of "soulflly" matt richardson

This Week's No. 1 Jigglo

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Johnny!

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***NEWSFLASH*** New Siting! And Name!

After the 3rd siting of "Hot Hat Guy" we were able to find out his name, Matt Snook. Now, anybody who knows this man, and as he is apparently somewhat of a legend there should be a few of you, please get pictures and help them find their way to us!

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter,

The Pimps

Hot Ollie jumping and hot Adrian singin his lil heart out in the back
If you're a man and you think you're as hot as this e-mail us a pic and we'll see if you're Online Brothel worthy!

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